Best Tremolo Pedals

Best Tremolo Pedal


Tremolo is the change in volume through an electronic device such as a pedal. This effect could be part of a modeling amp or a stand-alone pedal. However, built-in tremolo effect on a modeling amp often yields one type, no more no less.

If you want more than one tremolo effect, you need to buy a stand-alone tremolo pedal. The question is, what are the features of the best tremolo pedal?

With so many tremolo pedals in the market, finding the right one can get confusing. So, we bring you our reviews of the best ones we found. Here are the top reviews.




 Tremolo PedalsFeaturesPrice
Wampler Latitude Deluxe V2 Tremolo Guitar Effects PedalA full featured tremolo with a beautiful core tone, and the control to give you exactly what you needCheck Amazon Price
Joyo JF-09 Tremolo Guitar Pedal with True Bypass WiringThe operation power supply must be controlled 9V , if it over 9V , the item will be burn up , then the item cannot be work in normally .Check Amazon Price
JHS Morning Glory V4 Overdrive Guitar Effects PedalDesigned to be one of the most transparent overdrives out thereCheck Amazon Price
Source Audio SA243 Vertigo Tremolo Effect PedalThree styles of tremolo including Opto Tremolo, Harmonic Tremolo, and Bias Tremolo.Check Amazon Price
Fulltone Supa-Trem ST-1 TremoloTremolo Pedal with Photo-cell
"Soft" and "Hard" Footswitch
Half/Full Speed Footswitch
Check Amazon Price
BOSS AUDIO TR2 Tremolo PedalHigh-quality vintage guitar tremolo effects Dedicated Wave, Rate and Depth knobs allow for precise effect tailoringCheck Amazon Price
Kmise A0967 Belcat TRM-507 Tremolo PedalConnectors: input jack, output jack, DC input
controls: rate, wave, depth
bypass: true bypass
Check Amazon Price
BEHRINGER Guitar Pedal Orange UT300Get the classic, warm and mind-bending tremolo effects of vintage ‘60s amps
Check Amazon Price
Mooer Trelicopter, tremolo pedalGet the classic, warm and mind-bending tremolo effects of vintage ‘60s ampsCheck Amazon Price
Voodoo Lab TremoloTremolo Foot Pedal with Intensity
Volume Knobs
Check Amazon Price


Wampler Latitude Deluxe V2 Tremolo Guitar Effects Pedal


Wampler latitude features more than two basic controls. It has an attack, space, and level dials to help you create astounding sound effects. It produces classic tremolo effects with the addition of modern tones.

The Wampler offers four different rhythms and allows manipulation to refine the output sounds. You can even choose from different sound waves and tweak it to your liking.





Features:Best Tremolo Pedals

  • A full featured tremolo with a beautiful core tone, and the control to give you exactly what you need
  • With one foot in sweet vintage tones and one foot in more modern helicopter chops, the Wampler Latitude Deluxe offers the best of both worlds
  • The Latitude utilizes digital technology to control a completely analog guitar signal path to bring you consistency, tone, and control
  • With its tap tempo controls and multiple time divisions – the Latitude is easy to sync with whatever song you are playing
  • The Latitude Deluxe offers players the choice of four divided sub-divisions: Quarter notes, eighth notes, dotted eighth notes, and triplets
  • With your choice of 3 waves forms (peak, sine, and square) you can keep your tremolo classy or get it as nasty as you want
  • Thanks to the volume control option, your tremolo effect won’t get lost in the mix


Top 3 Reviews:

Reviewer NameReviewer DescriptionVerified Purchase
joe robinsonI have an EVH 5153 el34 amp head which sounds great through my Marshall 4x12 but sounds really middy through my custom built 2x12s I have - since I play in a few bands (and I don’t won’t to lug a 4x12 everywhere) this is perfect for dialing out the mids of those 2x12s to get back to the tone of the Marshall Cab- so many more possibilities with it also if you are a recording guitarist!Yes
Mary Ann BroderI was torn between buying the Keeley 4 knob, the JHS Pulp 'N' Peel and the Wampler Ego compressor. Works great, low noise level, very transparent when you want it to be. It evens out the spikes, while allowing you if you want, to really dial int some squish,sag and sustain. The tone control lets you dial back in any lost high frequencies, while the blend allows you to mix in your guitars signal with the compressed signal..There's a number of great compression boxes on the market, . This is one of them..Yes
J. HodgesI play a Mann EM-5 electric mandolin/mandola. Electric mandolin can be rough.. Mandolins have searing attack, and that low C can be a swamp of bass. This thing is the best I've found to tame the attack without making it dull, while also not making the whole sound muddy. Really happy with the results. I've hooked two of my guitar friends as well. Thanks so much, Wampler.Yes



Joyo JF-09 Tremolo Guitar Pedal with True Bypass Wiring


Joyo JF-09 tremolo guitar pedal includes the basic controls, such as speed, and intensity. Despite being a basic tremolo pedal, you can do a lot with this one.

You can control and adjust changes using the speed dial while tweaking the intensity dial. That’s all there is, but it has the essential controls to create chops and stutter.




Features:Best Tremolo Pedals

  • True Bypass construction.
  • Realistic Trem tones.
  • Heavy duty switch with all Metal casing.
  • Comes with a battery for direct Plug n’ Play if needed.
  • The operation power supply must be controlled 9V, if it over 9V, the item will be burn up, then the item cannot be work in usually.


Top 3 Reviews:

Reviewer NameReviewer DescriptionVerified Purchase
BrandonWow, I knew from the reviews both here and on Youtube that I would at least find the Crunch Distortion acceptable. Well, for what I need it goes above and the point where I am retiring my '86 proco rat distortion and giving this lil gal a permanent spot on my board. I've got a Tc electronics Mojo Mojo behind it (love the bass and treble option on it, helps this one shine) and an EHX Holy Grail reverb in front of it. I play a standard hss mim strat with Texas Specials and a Dimarzio Super Distortion through a 15watt tube amp. Hope this helps you in your quest.Yes
Garot M. ConklinI really like this one as a pre to my Fender Superchamp X2 head, especially on the distortion channel. It really adds some nice tone and lots of overtones... the only thing to be careful of is the tone knob as that is a HUGE sweeping circuit. I was not able to get it even close to 1/2 way without it being just ugly, but that might be preference. Also of note is that I ran my Fender Mustang bass guitar through this (active pickups) and I loved the grit that it gave the sound. This is a great pedal for the $$ and it feels heavy and solid like any major brand. Very nice work Joyo, I will be buying more of your pedals for sure.Yes
Big BionicI'm taking the time to review all of my recent JOYO pedals because I have been impressed by how much you get. Of all the pedals I bought, this mod gets the most use, (right behind my JOYO comp pedal - which you should check out). There are so many pedals out there and I wasn't sure what I would really use. The great thing about the JOYO pedals is you can buy 4-6 for the same price of one boutique pedal. I almost dropped $180 on another trem pedal, but am soooooo glad I decided to sample this one first. Saved myself about $150. If you try this and it fits your style, but you have to be a pedal snob, you can always keep this as a backup. For me, this works just fine, and I think the design it sweet. In fact, our lead guitarist liked it so much he picked one up.Yes



JHS Morning Glory V4 Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal


The JHS Morning Glory boosts the sound of your guitar by adding some distortions. To other musician, overdrive effects add dirt to the sound of a guitar without changing the underlying tone.

This overdrive pedal has two essential knobs, the level (volume) and drive. The third control labeled as tone helps equalize the effect of the drive. This effect pedal is a common addition to the arsenal of a musician.




Features:Best Tremolo Pedals

  • Designed to be one of the most transparent overdrives out there
  • Adds mid- to low-level grit to your crystal-clear tone and tube-like touch response to a less-than-ideal amp
  • Boosts a crunchy tone into thicker sustain and switches between two gain levels on the fly
  • Delivers all the tonal and responsive nuance that your amp is missing, and nothing that your tone already has
  • Gain control sweeps from completely clean to rock ‘n’ roll
  • Tame the high end on brighter rigs with the side-mounted bright-cut switch
  • Features increased headroom and output for use as a full-frequency boost


Top 3 Reviews:

Reviewer NameReviewer DescriptionVerified Purchase
Robert WilsonI own so many cool things for guitar players. All the major manufacturers of amps and guitars. I'm not a big shot so I save $$$ and choose very carefully. I average a 50/50 when it comes to reviews = reality as it pertains to pedals.
This is a slam dunk. You can't make it sound bad.
I feel sad when I look around at all the boutique pedals I have and wish I had my money back.
I plugged up to a brutally clean fender twin w a American Strat and played for hours w this pedal.
Then the Les Paul- then the Wolfgang- then the PRS- I'm not kidding... All these guitars kept their mojo thru the entire range of gain. The 25/50/100 watt settings give you a massive tone pallet. I'm sold- and I'm gong to buy a spare. Fantastic product. Try it. I can't imagine anybody not falling hard for this pedal.
john childsThere is a lot of good and useful sounding effects in this pedal. It has the actual chips and NOT a Modeling unit. I really love the TS7. and the 808. The 808 sounds just like my 808 on my board.I put them head to head and the JHS is the real deal. I have never owned or used a TS7 prior to this, but the TS7 setting is a mean sounding overdrive. I am using the TS7 for leads. I think that this petal adds serious versatility to any players board. I love this petal!!!Yes
Adam D. SmithIf you use this pedal for what it was designed for (low-gain, "don't-mess-up-my-tone" drive), it's outstanding. In my experience it has to go early in your pedal chain, such as right after a compressor, and put a second drive after it for actual distortion/overdrive sounds. If you're looking for a high-gain in-your-face drive this isn't it. I stack mine with the Prism (as an EQ) and a compressor and leave them all on low as my base tone, and it sounds great. I recently added a Little Green Wonder as my second-stage drive and it pairs VERY well with the Morning Glory. I've had tons of positive comments about that pairing from the very first day I tried it.Yes



Source Audio SA243 Vertigo Tremolo Effect Pedal


Source Audio SA243 is another best tremolo pedal. It features three effects, including Bias. The Bias effect allows you to create overdrive wiggle effect, similar to the Vox tremolo.

Other advanced features include MIDI and USB connections that make this brand appealing to musicians. You can edit your guitar plays in a computer and tweak them with the vast range of editing parameters.




Features:Best Tremolo Pedals

  • Three styles of tremolo, including Opto Tremolo, Harmonic Tremolo, and Bias Tremolo.
  • Download additional hybrid modulation effect algorithms or access a deep editing system with the Neuro Mobile App for iOS and Android.
  • Pair the Vertigo with the Neuro Hub and save up to 128 presets recallable with MIDI program change messages from an external MIDI foot controller.



Top 3 Reviews:

Reviewer NameReviewer DescriptionVerified Purchase
Thomas HudsonThe format of these Source Audio pedals can please both the tweaker and the set and forget crowd. You get plenty of amazing sounds out of the box, but grab their editing software and open up a huge amount of different sounds. I'll be buying more pedals from Source Audio.Yes
QuinnTremolo, flanger, chorus and more with unlimited tweaking capabilities and an app to make it all easier. Hands down the best effect pedal ever purchased.Yes
Pao GregorioAwesome Tremolo. Tried the BOSS TR-2 and I found it rather weak and simplistic comparing to the 3 stock modes on the Vertigo. Highly recommended for those looking for versatile tremolo sounds.Yes



Fulltone Supa-Trem ST-1 Tremolo


Aside from the two basic controls, the Fulltone Supa-Trem features a foot switch. This switch allows you to change between hard and soft tones.

This capability allows you to create tones such as helicopter vibes and choppy machine gun. Another remarkable feature is the volume knob that can give you an additional 15 decibel gain.




Fetures:Best Tremolo Pedals

  • Tremolo Pedal with Photo-cell
  • “Soft” and “Hard” Footswitch
  • Half/Full Speed Footswitch




Top 3 Reviews:

Reviewer NameReviewer DescriptionVerified Purchase
DylanWhat an awesome pedal. I use it recording and on stage. You can dial in a hundred different sweet spots with all the variety that the 2 big knobs and 2 buttons give you. I seriously love this pedal. The volume boost is a plus, it does add a nice sparkly pop crunch thang to your tone but I didn't like the volume boost while switching the pedal on and off live. I use an EP Booster pedal for a clean boost before the tremolo. But if you plan on using the tremolo for lead purposes or simply all the time, the volume boost may just be your secret sauce. You are going to enjoy this pedal.Yes
Guitar FishmanLike all of the Fulltone products I own, this one does more in a simple way. It gives T—O-N-E. The Supa-Trem is a fantastic Trem but also a depth-giving boost. Buy it or the Jr. (Also, the Deja Vibe is another #1 tone and depth pedal from Fulltone.)Yes
AthanLove this Tremolo, only thing that is missing is a tempo button.
Great quality very road worthy, one of the best analog tremolos for sure, unfortunately not using much since i have it in the rack and not easy to control it.



BOSS AUDIO TR2 Tremolo Pedal




Fetures:Best Tremolo Pedals

  • High-quality vintage guitar tremolo effects Dedicated Wave, Rate and Depth knobs allow for precise effect tailoring
  • Rate control allows for higher speed adjustment than BOSS ‘ classic PN-2
  • Wave control alters LFO waveform from triangle to square




Top 3 Reviews:

Reviewer NameReviewer DescriptionVerified Purchase
Gerald G. McgeorgeI play through Fender tweed clones that don't have the trem/vibrato effect. I needed trem on one tune for a recent gig, grabbed one of these and it did the job nicely. Infinitely variable setting options, if you can't find yours you don't need trem. Like all Boss pedals, well made, should last a long time.Yes
John FeighnerI tried other tremolo pedals before this one but returned them all. I should have just got the Boss trem in the first place. This thing is solid and it sounds great! I guess you really can't go wrong with Boss pedals.Yes
Pete ZietzkeI'm new to these guitar pedal effects and I am, for the first time, getting my pedal board set up. I can say without reservation the BOSS Audio TR2 does what it is advertised to do. I purchased the BOSS pedal effect because of their reputation after having read numerous feedback replies. I did not hesitate to take any risk with other brand Tremolo Pedals, so I purchased a BOSS product, second one so far. I am a happy camper with their products.Yes



Kmise A0967 Belcat TRM-507 Tremolo Pedal




Fetures:Best Tremolo Pedals

  • Connectors: input jack, output jack, DC input
  • controls: rate, wave, depth
  • bypass: true bypass




Top 3 Reviews:

Reviewer NameReviewer DescriptionVerified Purchase
J. PriceI've never cared so much about tremolo effects on my guitar. I'm a hard rock/heavy metal kind of guy. But, I have been doing a lot of pop covers lately and I'm a huge fan of new wave and college indie music. So, there were a few songs I wanted to cover that required a specific sound that only a tremolo pedal can provide. I specifically searched for a pedal that could change waveforms. I wanted to be able to do the slow subtle waves of jazz guitar to the choppy staccato of REM. I am not disappointed. Many people complain that tremolos have a volume drop off when activated, but I don't really experience that with this one. Maybe a slight fluctuation, nothing that noticeable. This is a classic tremolo, so nothing fancy about it at all. If that's what you're looking for, you've found it.Yes
M & GI never thought I would like tremolo so much. The reviews all seemed extremely positive, so my expectations were pretty high. I was not disappointed at all ! On the contrary, I found it exceeded my expectations, and now it's an always on pedal in my signal loop. Very versatile and clean sounding, the waveform control really sets apart from the rest. Buy one, it's a no brainer!Yes
JazzmanA nice inexpensive throwback sound. From Duane Eddy "40 miles of bad road" to end vocals on "Crimson and Clover". Noieless and very adjustable. I like it.Yes



BEHRINGER Guitar Pedal Orange UT300




Fetures:Best Tremolo Pedals

  • Get the classic, warm and mind-bending tremolo effects of vintage ‘60s amps
  • This BEHRINGER product has been designed to compete head to head with leading products on the market
  • Dedicated Rate, Wave and Depth controls for awesome sound shaping
  • Status LED for effect on/off and battery check
  • Runs on 9 V battery or the BEHRINGER PSU-SB DC power supply (not included)




Top 3 Reviews:

Reviewer NameReviewer DescriptionVerified Purchase
Clive S. GoodwinWorks well. Just what I needed for my Duane Eddy aspirations ( add echo and reverb and you have a perfect “twangy guitar”!)Yes
W H Langford IIIGreat tremolo pedal, especially for the money! Sounds like old amp tremolo, thank goodness it doesn't sound like vibrato.... like some tremolo pedal do. Totally happy with it!Yes
D.FitzmanVery full and authentic sound.Yes



Mooer Trelicopter, tremolo pedal




Fetures:Best Tremolo Pedals

  • Classic tremolo effects with a huge range of speeds and depths
  • BIAS knob brings various color of the tremolo sound
  • Full metal shell
  • Very small and exquisite – Great for conserving pedal board space!
  • True bypass




Top 3 Reviews:

Reviewer NameReviewer DescriptionVerified Purchase
LENNY VENITOI have other Mooer guitar pedals and found them to be amazing. This one did not dissapoint. It has the quality sound that I expeted and the size is great for my pedal board. fits in the palm of your hand and sounds as big as any full size pedal. The people at Mooer know how to build great pedals.Yes
Patrick BealGood quality pedal. Light-modulated tremolo. No noise, great sound, solid build.

Just bear in mind it does the helicopter-like tremolo (fast sweep of sound followed by a bit longer silence) and has no adjustment to make it e.g. senoidal, even though you have a wide enough rate adjustment.
Highball CharlieI've used this pedal with 4 and 5 string basses with no noticeable loss of the low end. It's not an effect that I use often or heavily. I found with a little tweaking I can get a nice subtle ringing effect. It's small size is a big plus as is it's cost. I'm going to look at more Mooer pedals in the future.Yes



Voodoo Lab Tremolo




Fetures:Best Tremolo Pedals

  • Tremolo Foot Pedal with Intensity
  • Volume Knobs
  • Speed



Top 3 Reviews:

Reviewer NameReviewer DescriptionVerified Purchase
T. ZachasFirst off I have to say I tried a few other Tremeloes and this one is hands-down the best sounding with the perfect variety of options for blending the effects. Particularly nice to be able to adjust the wave! Made in America quality built and superb sound what more can you ask for!Yes
Scott57Great pedal.Yes
Charles CrumGreat pedal! Provides nice tremolo effects.Yes



Best Tremolo Pedal Buying Guide


The best tremolo pedal has two basic controls, the rate (often refer to as speed) and intensity or depth. If you’re aiming for basic tremolo effects, the Joyo JF-09 is excellent for you.

However, if you’re looking for more than the basic effects, you can select the Wampler latitude for more results. It is a deluxe tremolo pedal that offers different modulation effects, perfect for a creative musician.

Advanced features such as USB connection are excellent additions to a tremolo pedal. These features allow you to edit and add more value to your guitar plays.

Basic tremolo pedals are affordable, while advanced ones require a little bit of an investment. The price doesn’t matter if you want to enjoy new guitar effects.

Ultimately, your choice of music matters. The best tremolo pedal creates chops and stutters that are common to modern music today.

It’s okay if you don’t prefer rock music. You can use these effects to add some new effects to your current guitar tones.


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