Best Acoustic Electric Guitar Reviews and Buying Guide

Nothing beats the best acoustic electric guitar in setting everybody’s mood. You can use it when you’re jamming with your friends or when playing in front of live audiences. You can count on these instruments to help you produce the music that everyone is sure to love.

Music has been a part of the lives of billions of people around the world. And electric acoustic guitars are now one of the emerging instruments that complete a music band. Therefore having one of these string instruments is a must.

So how exactly do you choose your acoustic electrical guitar? Below is a list of the best acoustic electric guitars out in the market and a short buying guide.

Our Top 5 Best Acoustic Electrical Guitar

Yamaha Acoustic-Electric Guitar, Natural

Best Acoustic Electric Guitar

This acoustic guitar is manufactured by Yamaha, a company known for making devices that produce the best sound qualities. It is made with one of the sturdiest trees, mahogany, this acoustic electric guitar is made to last a lifetime.

With YAMAHA FGX820C, you can continue making good music as long as you still can.

The Yamaha Acoustic-Electric Guitar is a perfect partner for those who love the sound of guitar without the hassle of lugging around an acoustic guitar. The perfect guitar for beginners and seasoned players, the Yamaha acoustic-electric guitar also has a rich tone, which is complimented by its compact size that makes it easy for travel.

Taylor Layered Rosewood Back and Sides

Best Acoustic Electric Guitar

Taylor Layer Rosewood Back and Sides is a solid wood classical guitar with a vintage design. This guitar is from a single piece of wood and is handcraft by Taylor Guitars. It has a beautiful, rosewood back and sides with a beautiful rosette inlay. This guitar is perfect for beginners and experienced players alike.

TAYLOR 214CE DLX is currently one of the best guitars that produces cheerful and natural sound.

The back and sides are layered with rosewood to give off that vibrating and balanced harmony. If you’re looking for a balanced natural sound, then TAYLOR 214CE DLX is maybe what you need.

Martin Road Series Dreadnought Acoustic

The Martin Road Series Dreadnought acoustic guitar is a perfect instrument for any player who is looking for a high quality acoustic guitar at an affordable price. This is a full dreadnought guitar with a cutaway. The hand-rubbed AAA flamed maple back and sides, and the 10-46 Martin 000-45 Martin 000-45 Martin 000-45 Martin 000-45 Martin 000-45 Martin 000-45 Martin 000-45 Martin 000-45 Martin 000-45 Martin 000-45 spruce top give this guitar a rich and full sound with a deep bass that is also bright.

Martin Road Series Dreadnought Acoustic is a full-bodied acoustic guitar with a rich, transparent voice and a powerful midrange perfect for soloing, blues, pop, rock, and any style in between. It features a mahogany body, spruce top, rosewood back and sides, and a gloss and finish.

This acoustic guitar is a Mexican made guitar known for its unique sound. It produces bright clear sounds with an impeccable depth tone. This acoustic electric guitar also comes with a classy but durable hardshell case to make sure that your guitar is in a dent-less, tip-top shape.

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Epiphone HUMMINGBIRD PRO Acoustic Guitar

Get your hands on the Epiphone HUMMINGBIRD PRO Acoustic Guitar. The HUMMINGBIRD is a fully-loaded guitar with a lot of great features. They give you a cutaway, which is perfect for acoustic finger picking, and a mahogany body that gives you a great tone. The sound is handled by a spruce top, which gives you that sweet sound that you’ve been looking for in one of the highest-quality acoustic guitars.

The Epiphone Hummingbird Pro Acoustic Guitar is a beautiful instrument with a symmetrical dreadnought body style, mahogany top and back, and die-cast tuners. You’ll love the natural tone of the Hummingbird Pro, which is perfect for beginners and seasoned players alike. You’ll get a stunning acoustic sound with the volume and tone controls and a smooth action.

An acoustic guitar that not only sounds like a professional but also has looks suitable for professionals.

It produces a warm but crispy sound. Even without using a pick, this acoustic guitar still delivers strong and clear sounds. It also has a solid spruce top with mahogany back and sides.

Takamine Nex Acoustic-Electrical Guitar

Best Acoustic Electric Guitar

Takamine Nex Acoustic-Electrical Guitar is a beautifully craft and beautifully finished acoustic guitar by Takamine Japan. This guitar is from solid Sitka spruce. The guitar has a beautiful natural finish and it is a comfortable guitar for beginners and for players of all levels. It features a laminate top and back in mahogany with a maple neck and rosewood fingerboard. It has a classic Takamine design and has a low action, making it easy to play.

The Takamine is a lightweight, acoustic-electric guitar, with no strings or moving parts to emit unwanted noise, giving you a perfect experience with every strum. The cold-rolled steel strings of the Takamine are thicker, which means they last longer. It also has a bone nut and saddle, which reduces the overall weight of the guitar. The Takamine is a great choice for beginners, with it’s full, rich acoustic sound and traditional look.

An easy to handle an electric acoustic guitar. Its slim neck is made with mahogany and the 12” radius fingerboard is made with rosewood.

It also has an elegant glossy finish to have that great and classy look.

Best Acoustic Electric Guitar Buying Guide

Since buying your own acoustical electric guitar will cost you a few extra dollars compared to normal acoustical guitar. It would be in your best interest to put a significant effort into choosing which to buy.


You should take into consideration the price of acoustic electric guitars. Some are a tad pricey while some are cheap. So before you set out to buy your own acoustic guitar, build a budget plan first.

The more buck you can muster, the wider is the range of choices you have.

Guitar Sound

Some acoustic guitars are design to produce different sounds. Some produce deep tones while others produce brighter or lighter tones. Through this, you can choose which among thislist of electric acoustic guitars is suitable to your taste.