Explanation about all types of wallpaper (differences)

renovlies wallpaper

All types of wallpaper : Wallpaper is still one of the most popular finishes for interior walls. Not only at home, but also when it comes to the business market.

This is partly due to the many possibilities that exist in the area of wallpapering. There is so much diversity that everyone can make a choice.

Do you want to know what types of wallpaper there are? Or what is the best way to decorate? You can discover it all here with lots of information, advice and tips about renovlies wallpaper.

What Types Of Wallpapers Are There?

In the first place, a distinction can be made between the material of wallpaper. For example, you have the choice of:
• Paper wallpaper
• Vinyl wallpaper
• Photo wallpaper
• Renovlies
• Fiberglass wallpaper

renovlies wallpaper

A further distinction can be made per type of wallpaper. For example when it comes to the decorative appearance. Or about the price, just like the way of decorating or preparing it.

The distinction in wallpaper types, therefore, goes further than just the type of material and the way of decorating.

Popular Types Of Wallpaper

There are of course a number of types of wallpaper that are popular to put on the walls in the interior. Renovating is a striking example of this.
Renovlies is pre-eminently wallpaper that is perfect for use in new-build homes. This type of wallpaper is, among other things, popular because of its design.

The implementation distinguishes itself in various structures. Moreover, there is the advantage that renovlies can be finished in any desired color. Photo wallpaper is also immensely popular, just like decorative wallpaper.

Features Of Different Types Of Wallpaper

The different types of wallpaper each have different characteristics. Paper wallpaper therefore has other advantages and disadvantages than non-woven wallpaper or vinyl wallpaper.

It is important that you know the differences between the types of wallpaper before you buy wallpaper. In this way you know for sure that you will come to the best choice.

That is why you will find here the characteristics with the advantages and disadvantages of the most common types of wallpaper. These are paper wallpaper, non-woven wallpaper and vinyl wallpaper.

Features, Benefits And Disadvantages Of Paper Wallpaper:

Paper wallpaper has the characteristic to consist of a bottom layer and a top layer. The wallpaper is available in all kinds of different types of structures, colors, and decorations.

An advantage is that it can be combined with other wallpaper. Paper wallpaper itself is also easy to apply. You don’t have to do it yourself.

It is also possible to use one of our wallpaperers. It is also cheap wallpaper. A disadvantage is that this wallpaper is not washable.
• Top layer + bottom layer
• Wide choice of structures, colors and decorations
• Easy to apply yourself (or have it done)
• Paper wallpaper is not washable

Features, Benefits And Disadvantages Of Wallpaper

Non-woven wallpaper consists of a combination of compressed fibers with binders. Because of this composition, the wallpaper is very sturdy. Non-woven wallpaper does not tear and does not shrink.

Another advantage of non-woven wallpaper is that it is ideal for a wall that has slight cracks. Moreover, unlike paper wallpaper, this type of wallpaper is washable.

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