Best Phaser Pedals

Best Phaser Pedal


If you are a guitar enthusiast who is looking for a creative way to modulate the notes you play. In addition, if you want to somehow add a certain level of depth and detail to your music, then getting yourself the best Phaser pedal might just be the best step for you!


These phasers will help you create the sound that you’ve always wanted. However, choosing the best Phaser pedal may not be as easy as how you thought it would be. It would definitely all depend on your style and preference. Here are the top brands and types of phaser which you might consider buying.



MXR M101 Phase 90 Guitar Effects Pedal9V Batteries Required, best with Polaroid 9V Batteries.Check Amazon Price
Behringer Vintage Phaser VP1 Authentic Vintage-Style Phase Shifter Instrument Effects PedalAuthentic and classic three dimensional phase shifting—from rapid rotary speaker to impressive jet plane effectsCheck Amazon Price
Earthquaker Devices Grand Orbiter Phase Machine V3 and Truetone 1 Spot Space Saving 9v AdapterControls: Resonance, Rate, Depth, Sweep, Rate 1/2/3 Switching, Phase/Vibrato SwitchingCheck Amazon Price
MXR EVH90 Phase 90Grab a piece of Eddie's magic with the MXR EVH 90—a collaboration between Eddie Van Halen and DunlopCheck Amazon Price
Joyo JF-06 Vintage Phase Guitar PedalFeatures true bypass wiring, quality componentsCheck Amazon Price
KOKKO FPH2 Phaser Mini Electric Guitar Effect Pedal Warm Analog Phase Effect Sound Processor True Bypass Guitar AccessoriesEASY TO CONTROL - Mix Knob flexibly adjusts the mixing ratio of phase effect and original sound.Check Amazon Price
Moog MF101 Moogerfooger Low Pass Filter Effects Pedal for Guitar, Bass, and Synth - BlackCutoff rotary controlCheck Amazon Price
MXR M290 Phase 95 Mini Guitar Effects PedalCombines MXR’s most iconic phase circuits in a single mini housingCheck Amazon Price
TC Electronic Helix Phaser PedalAmazing range of high-quality phaser tonesCheck Amazon Price
Walrus Audio Vanguard Dual Phase PedalPower requirements are 9VDCCheck Amazon Price


MXR M101 Phase 90 Guitar Effects Pedal


This 80-dollar Phaser comes in a bright orange color. Furthermore,  It has been associated with famous guitarists like Eddie Van Halen, Dave Grohl, Josh Homme, and Nancy Wilson.


The 80-dollar Phaser is mostly used for its rate knob, which allows you to add subtle, spatial shimmer, or adjust it to an all-out high-velocity modulation. As a result, it has a wide range of sounds and works well with a guitar, bass, keyboards, and vocals.




Fetures:Best Phaser Pedals

  • 9V Batteries Required, best with Polaroid 9V Batteries.
  • Rich, warm analog tone
  • Add shimmery velocity and dramatic swooshing to your tone
  • The timeless phase shifter used on many classic recordings



Top 3 Reviews:

Reviewer NameReviewer DescriptionVerified Purchase
MikeWorks great and wonderful seller. I did do the simple R28 capacitor removal mod, took about 5 min to do. This mod eliminates the volume boost when the pedal is turned on and the swell of the effect is much smooth now in my opinion.Yes
William J. SnyderGreat phaser sound without all the unnecessary bells and whistles. I like the fact that this pedal is very simple and it just sounds great. The speed can be easily controlled by your foot while playing; which makes it easy to coax some good sounds out of it. Its a keeper.Yes
Russell HendersonThe phaser that started the phase craze! Great build, sounds identical to my mid sixties original but a little less noisy. The led light is nice to know when it’s on if you’re deaf. MXR makes a great pedal.Yes



Behringer Vintage Phaser VP1 Authentic Vintage-Style Phase Shifter Instrument Effects Pedal


This Phaser was designed for rate control and separate tone switch, which includes a status LED and a true hard-wire bypass for ultimate signal integrity. After all, this is perfect if you are inclined to the classic ‘60s phase tone.

Its VP1 Tone switch allows you to adjust a traditional phaser to a lush, vibrato effect. The Tone switch also provides negative and positive feedback modes for detuned sounds. It can currently be bought for only $28.99.




Fetures:Best Phaser Pedals

  • Authentic and classic three dimensional phase shifting—from rapid rotary speaker to impressive jet plane effects
  • This BEHRINGER product has been designed to compete head to head with leading products on the market
  • Dedicated Rate control and separate Color switch for fine-tuning of effects speed and tone
  • Status LED for effect on/off
  • True hard-wire bypass for ultimate signal integrity


Top 3 Reviews:

Reviewer NameReviewer DescriptionVerified Purchase
Daniel HamThis thing surprised me. Now, I'm no full on phaser connoisseur. I've got a couple pedals but not a lot. Still though, for how little it cost, I had assumed it was going to sound worse. The thing sounds pretty good when I stick it in front of my tube screamer. I can get some nice Brian May out of it. It's big for sure, it takes up way too much space on the pedal board. But at the same time, it looks like an old EHX pedal. And the stomp switch is pretty good; nice and silent. I like itYes
john mooreThis thing is awesome, great phaser, well built and in a nice metal casing. The only thing I didn't like about this pedal was the battery clip is loosely sliding around inside the pedal with no actual "battery compartment" the battery just sits loosely in the bottom of the pedal. Poor design for the battery but otherwise an excellent pedal with an even better price!Yes
Tony MedeirosBehringer really heightened the bar on this one. Metal case, with old school look. Quiet switching, and built like a tank, and nice variables on the sweep of phase. Always loved the sound of a phaser. I conpleting a second pedal board, and this really rounded it out.Yes



Joyo JF-06 Vintage Phase Guitar Pedal


This Phaser is reportedly based on the MXR Phase 90, which can re-create the classic phaser sounds of the ‘70s!

It has a single speed knob, which can easily be adjusted from low speeds for dialed down phase depth all the way to higher speeds for more intense phases with a faux uni-vibe sound. So, you can definitely get one of these at an affordable price.




Fetures:Best Phaser Pedals

  • Features true bypass wiring, quality components
  • Replicates sound of phaser guitar effect of the 70’s and 80’s
  • Simple design and pedal interface, comes with 9V battery



Top 3 Reviews:

Reviewer NameReviewer DescriptionVerified Purchase
DANIEL SALEUnlike many Flangers that I never quite knew how to use beyond EVH "Unchained"/ATBL settings, this one with everything at 12:00 is very 'musical' and mixes well when it comes to clean and rock settings. I usually hate demos where people put everything at 12:00 but I saw one where this pedal was used that way, and was delighted. So, I ordered it and dialed it up and whala - perfect, musical, flanging. I've owned the EVH and the Micro Flanger and this is the one for me. Your mileage may vary depending upon what you want out of your flanger.Yes
Cesar G Siller JrAfter receiving the replacement of this product as a defect, I finally tried it on my new Gib LP. It sounded phenomenal like the Harmonics Small Stone. No popping sound, no burning smell like the original one I gotYes
MarkI bought a used MXR '74 Phase 90 Script reissue, but it did not work when I got it. I didn't want to pay the price for a new one so I bought this instead! WOW - it sounds "RIGHT" just like a REAL Script Phase 90. The benefits with this pedal are LED, True Bypass switch, and can be used with an external power supply. If you really want that Vintage Phase sound try this one!Yes



Moog MF101 Moogerfooger Low Pass Filter Effects Pedal for Guitar, Bass, and Synth – Black


This lowpass filter descends from the original modular Moog synths and was designed to work with any sound source, which can be used for synths, guitar, bass, and recorded sources.

Moreover, it contains two modular functions— its voltage-controlled lowpass filter and its envelope follower. This gives you plenty of room to adjust and build your tone.




Fetures:Best Phaser Pedals

  • Cutoff rotary control
  • Resonance rotary control
  • Envelope Amount rotary control
  • Mix rotary control
  • Drive rotary control



Top 3 Reviews:

Reviewer NameReviewer DescriptionVerified Purchase
David C.It's a Moog filter! Envelope follower is a nice addition. Drive provides a nice warm analog distortion option.Yes
Anne Marie DandoExcellent!!! Highly recommend this pedal. It is a game changer!!!!Yes
Timothy C. BassGood pedal. Good shopping. I'm happy with purchaseYes



TC Electronic Helix Phaser Pedal


This yellow box comes loaded with a dedicated DSP to fuel a wide range of nuanced phaser effects. It has four interactive knobs— speed control, depth control, mix control, and feedback control.

Additionally, it also has a three-way toggle between a vintage setting, the Tone Print, and the resonant smooth setting. This Phaser surely is exciting. You can purchase it at a very affordable price.





  • Amazing range of high-quality Phaser tones
  • Tone print enabled – for a world of signature and customizable effects
  • Stereo I/O
  • True of buffered bypass



Top 3 Reviews:

Reviewer NameReviewer DescriptionVerified Purchase
TexCompared this Helix to a Source Audio Lunar. Both have a lot of customizable settings. However the mix Knob on the Helix was a bigger deal than I initially assumed it would be.

Both offer software editing and you can set the mix on the Lunar in the software. I tried both units with many patches available and the Helix just sounded better to me.
DennisAfter trying a handful of phasers, I've finally found the one I've been looking for. After using some phasers in software programs and hearing songs with subtle phaser, I knew the classic Phase 90 wasn't for me; I needed a Mix knob. I've tried a few now and even though this pedal isn't vintage and isn't much to look at (I wish it wasn't barf yellow), this is a great pedal. Mainly, I love it because it doesn't instantly muddy the sound like other phasers. It's clear and just lets your signal go through and adds as little or as much phaser as you want. This is particularly due to the Mix knob. I've tried others with Mix knobs and they don't do what you'd hope; this one does. Within minutes I had just the very subtle, warm filter flow I was looking for. Phew!Yes
foxjo81Stellar pedal. I can get the script phaser sound and mix as much or little as I want. Mild phaser can also work really well with vocals. The Petrucci toneprint is perfection. It can get the script sound but with clarity of modern pedal. Desert island pedal. I swore off TC for several years but they've totally redeemed themselves with the new line of pedals, especially this one.Yes



Best Phaser Pedal Buying Guide


Choosing for the best phaser pedal to buy would really depend on the kind of music you would want to produce. In addition, if you would opt for a more vintage vibe, you should look for Phasers mainly designed to produce that.

For a more modern vibe, there are plenty of Phasers in the market which include controllable settings you can change up to 8-10 stages. If you want to go for something safe and popular, the best Phaser for you would probably be the MXR Phase 90. Particularity in detail should also be considered.

All phaser pedals may be able to modulate, but some were designed to have an array knobs which can modify many components of the sound. This may, however, come at a price. If you are tight in budget, choosing the cheaper ones can still make the sound of your strings better.


In the end, choosing the best phaser pedal will still be all about your style, your choice of music, your needs and your budget.


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